Goalmine 2016-17 Season



Please make sure you submit your tips and scores before the deadline. The cut-off time is 11.00 GMT / 12.00 noon BST


Posted by Jonny on 22 Aug 16 09:51am [Updated: 22 Aug 16 12:53pm]

Euro 2016

The draw for the Euro 2016 Finals is tomorrow night (Saturday 5pm GMT). (http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/index.html)

So, a bit of early notification that there will be a new Goalmine tournament for the finals. This will be the 4th Goalmine special event, following World Cup 2010, Euro 2012 & World Cup 2014


Posted by Nick on 11 Dec 15 05:46pm


killer starts saturday 5th dec easy to play and a very good game 3 life's put any game from all English leagues and enter a team to win u carnt use teams from that game more than once last man standing wins £5 to enter more the better everybody entered up so if u don't want to play a will delete u from killer page if u don't enter a game for this weekend cheers.. 

Goalmine an tipping!!

Well were a few week into the new season nar boys tipping leauge looking very competive Brett storming into a early lead he likes his draws hope he putting them on at bookies and cleaning up!! Coops still leads from week 1 in goalmine Greg smith  in 2nd hot on his heels..week 311 gave us a couple of new records with Roy getting the Eurovision  famous saying nil pwa and coops putting Brighton to win 11-2 away at Leeds.. Long way to go still hope every 1 enjoying the games and don't forget never give up keep trying!!

End of the season

The season is now over for both Goalmine and Tipping competitions. Well done to Roy and, err, Roy for taking first place in both.

In goalmine, after repeatedly trading the lead back and forth with gregsmith, he finally moved ahead and stayed there for most of the second half of the season. The end Goalmine pot was an even £90. Fittingly, he also won the final week as well with 22 points.

In Tipping, it was a slightly different story. I was leading for virtually the whole season and remained the only player not to have a negative balance at any time in the season. Unfortunately I couldn't maintain that, and Roy (and a few others) swept in in the last few weeks of the season to take the top prize. 

Remarkably, every single one of the 55 bets made for the last week of the season was wrong - at least in part as people with little to lose went all-in.

Finally, we only got one game of Killer going this year, but well done to chippy for winning that, taking home £35.

If you still owe money for any of the games, please can you pay me (Goalmine/Killer) or Jonny/Keirin (Tipping) as soon as possible so we can sort out prizes to the winners - thank you, and hopefully see you next season. Payments to me by Paypal, using nick@mantonbradbury.com.


PS - Rugby World Cup Goalmine, anyone?

Posted by Nick on 26 May 15 09:46am [Updated: 26 May 15 09:51am]